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ARAKI Hirofumi

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A...AA....AACHOOOO! [Oct. 7th, 2006|06:59 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi

*sniff* 'scuse meh.  I haven't been online the past week or so because I caught a cold.  "Say what?  You're an adult yet you still can't take care of yourself?!"  Ey, ey, ey...  Let's not be mean to a sick Arayan, ne?

Funny story time!  Yaaay~!  I was freezing yesterday so I was all wrapped up nice and cosy in three thousand layers of blankets^^  The door bell rang and I really didn't feel like answering it, but they woundlt stop!!  So I kicked my self in the butt to get me up and to the door.  When I opened it, the person there screamed.  I'm hurt (T-T)  Then they realized that it was just me in a few thousand layers of blankets and asked If I'd like to purchase a hand-made scarf from them, to help them raise money^^  So I bought one^^ It isn't really well made, but I can tell they tried and took time to do it^^  And SO, that was Arayan's crazy adventure!

Everyone, please take care of yourselves okay?

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*gulp* [Sep. 19th, 2006|08:15 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi
[mood |nervousnervous]

I can do this!  I CAN DO THIS!  Or else....

Adachi Osamu... 


Go out with me?

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Where in the world is everyone else?! [Sep. 5th, 2006|10:04 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi

Aah!  What happened?  No one is here to answer my call!  Maybe this will bring everyone back:

CHINESE FOOD!  Will be paid for by President Araki because the stupid mail-man lost your suoveniers
Because I'm cool like that!

Shirotan that baby stealer gave me the idea^^  So, when is everyone free?  Lunch or Dinner?  Someone gimma a good place too!

[ooc: Hmm, maybe we could do this with a chat using yahoo? ^^ It'd be weird trying to eat through a chat XD cosRole-play!]

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Where in the world is Araki Hirofumi? [Aug. 27th, 2006|02:15 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi
[mood |busy]
[music |Hyori Lee - Like Today]

Araaaaa-yan desu!  Where have I been lately?  Just busy^^  That's all.  Oh and regarding the souveniers....

I called the post office.  They have no idea where the package is!  AAAH!  And this was my big chance too!  I'm sorry everyone 

_|----|o  Forgive me!

Can I make it up to everyone?  How about I treat you guys to lunch or something?

Ah!  But Lieutenant Unagi, this might not include you XD.  I can still get you that pair of cat ears and tail!  Still want it Ya-nyan-kou?

I miss everyone!  How are you all, anyways?

Oh yeah!  I've been thinking about this lately.  I wonder if I should go back to school >.>...  You know.  College.  But what would I study?  Business?  Do they have a class for evil geniuses of the future?

Anyways!  I have to see you all again!  Maybe I'm getting old (I hope I dont have white hairs >.>) but I'm slowly forgetting everyone's faces!  GASP!  Oh!  But good thing I still remember SOMEONE's face^^  Hehe.

Have fun and be safe!  Prez. Araki, out!
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Home, sweet Home [Aug. 15th, 2006|11:07 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi
I'm back!  Miss me?  I missed everyone especially First Lady and Japan a lot!  I'm tired though.  So I'll update later^^.
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Arayan in AMERICA! [Aug. 11th, 2006|11:54 am]
ARAKI Hirofumi
[Current Location |America]
[music |Cubic U (Hikaru Utada) - Precious Love]

Sounds like a movie, no?  Araa-raa!  How long has it been since I've posted.  Did you all miss me?  Or maybe you're not happy, now that I'm back.... MEANIE!  So, what has the President been doing, say you?  TAKING OVER THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

That's a lie.

Manager-san kidnapped me about two weeks ago and took me around Japan for secret meetings of the "Arayan is cool too!" Underground Fan Club!  (and when I say underground, I mean it.  Most of the meetings were held in basements of club members.  But don't worry, their parents were there to supervise! No bad things going on!)  Everyone was nice!  (It kind of felt like an Army... or fangirls and fan boys...PLUS manager-san)  But these meetings only took up three days!  THEN WHAT HAPPENED TO ARAYAN FOR THE PAST WEEK AND A HALF, say you?  Well...

The fangirls at the last meeeting wouldn't let me go.  They kept questioning me about my private life!  ZOMG!  And then they all sat around a big screen TV and watched all the Tenimyus I was in.  And then when DL3rd was on (and this was during my solo~~), they threw me up in the air!  Can you say "crowd surf"?  SOMEONE GRABBED MY ASS!  I feel so...touched.  And then they made me do this...and that...THE HORROR!

And that was also a lie.

Manager-san tied me up, threw me into a crate and took me to America!  It was weird.  But a great chance to practice English^^  Random people (okay, they were mostly females) recognized me!  But I don't think they we're really interested in me  Some asked "Where's Yanagi?" or "Where's the rest of the D-boys?"...I'm SAD!  Doesn't anyone want to see Arayan more than Shirotan once in a while?  No offense, Shiro-buns.  I heart you too ^-^.  But it was nice.  We should all go to the US for vacation!

Though, that wasn't all that happened.  Manager-san challenged me!  DUN DUN DUN!  Who dares challenge the mighty Arayan?  He said, "Must be easy for you; all you do is go to everything I arrange for you."  And I tried to tell him that it wasn't as easy as it looked. (Does he not know the fury of fangirls?  Does he not know that their love is limitless?!)  "But what I do is so hard.  I have to make sure that you're doing well, I gotta arrange photo shoots and everything..." Blah blah blah "Why don't you try being your own manager?  Just for fun."  I tried to turn him down, really I did!  But then he said, "Oh-ho. Are you afraid of a little challenge?"  DAMN ME!  Why?  Why am I a person who takes up these challenges?!

So things were like that for a week.  I used the tiny bit of English I know to arrange meetings with fans and stuff!  YAY!  I did a pretty good job if I must say so myself.  EAT THAT, MANAGER-SAN!  The week came to a close, and Manager-san admitted that I won!  (wait... How the hell did you win?!)  And then...he told me.  "Aah, that's good.  I can leave you without worrying then."  I didn't understand him at all!  "Araki, I'm getting married."  WHAT THE HELL, MAN!  "You are now your own manager.  Scary no?  Do your best."  Whoa...  Really, no matter how weird it sounds, I was sad.  It felt like I lost someone who I loved.  I mean, he was pretty close to me.  And now he just leaves me all alone.  In this cold world, to defend myself from those fangirls.  He told me that he found someone who he could spend the rest of his life with.  It was  a DUDE!  He told me that even though it's not really legal, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!  Go, him!  I cried.  I did.  The reason he brought me to the US wasn't just to see if I was capable of handling myself, he wants me to attend his wedding!  Yay!  Is it possible to call this a Bitter-sweet moment?  His wedding is in two days^^  I wonder if one of them will wear a dress...  OH GOD!  MENTAL IMAGE!  I do NOT, repeat do NOT, want to see Manager-san in a dress.  With balloon boobs.  I met his man-wife/husband/SPOUSE; he was very nice^^  He told me that they've already bought a house, and their telephone number (just incase...).  I'll miss manager-san.

Life just wont be the same.  Oh well.  Must move on.  I'm happy for Manager-san.  ...hey...  I still haven't asked him what I'm supposed to call him now that he isnt "manager-san"!  Dangit!  Well then, good bye everyone!  See you in a few days!

This still doesn't explain why Manager-san was looking at me funny...  I hope it wasn't THAT kind of funny.  I hope he was just remember our time together as Manager and...Manager-ie?...yeah.
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Aara-ra~~ ARAYAN! [Jul. 31st, 2006|07:24 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi
Manager-san is mean.  He dragged me out of my home >.<  I haven't been near a computer is days!  What am I doing with Manager-san, you might ask.  SORE WA HIMITSU DESU!....kind of.  And dont worry, Vice President Endou, I wont be needing the tips I gave you^^  I miss everyone (T-T) especially "First Lady"  It's lonely here!  And Manager-san keeps looking at me funny, maybe I will need those tips >.<  Oh-ho do I have a surprise!  Eek, must go now.  Be safe everyone!
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This is the President! [Jul. 26th, 2006|09:00 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Craig David - Walking away]

Yuuyan...Osaka...  Be safe!!  And rememer!! "Grab,Twist, andPull" then run like hell!

This is President Araki speaking!  Maa~~  I haven't updated in a while!  How is everyone?  My week has been boring so far!  I haven't gotten any jobs >.<  Dernit.  Well.  That's all!  Becareful, everyone!
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AraaaaKI desu! [Jul. 20th, 2006|09:56 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi
[Current Location |In my room]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |TLC - Waterfalls]

No picture this time.  Surprised?

But has anyone noticed that everyone is in lurv~~~~ Lately?  Everyone (okay, some...) has someone they like.  I'm all alone~  Someone cuddle me?

"WHAT WAS THAT?!  Such a desperate attempt!"  That's what I'm thinking.  But now let us get on to the realy post! YAY!

I went grocery shopping today.  Fun, isn't it?  But that's not all I did!  Before I went to the grocery store, I went to the mall!  Can I just say how much I dislike some of the people who work in the malls?  I was behind this duo (I think it was a kid and her mother), and when it was their turn to pay at the cashier, the person at the cashier said something.  I'm guessing that the duo didn't hear, since the younger-looking one said, "Excuse me?".  BUT YOU KNOW THAT THE CASHIER SAID?!  That chick said , "never mind" in this HORRIBLE "I-dont-want-your-business" kind of additude.  Maa, people are so mean.

You now might be wondering what I bought at the mall.  BUT I'LL NEVER TELL YOU!  If you guess right, though, I'll tell you that you're right~

That has been a post and I have been Araki Hirofumi!  Join us next time when I have some other random things to say!  Till then, Jaa!

This post has been brought to you by:  Araki Hirofumi, My mom, my dad, and the world around us!

And now a word from our sponsor, The Voice In The Back Of My Head:  DONATE BLOOD!
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Buchou, let's show them our support! Make 'em at ease! [Jul. 18th, 2006|08:04 pm]
ARAKI Hirofumi

Yuuyan! Yanakins!  Me and buchou have selected 15 questions to answer too!  BE COMFY!


  1. The age old question: Boxers or briefs? Briefs...(>.>) STFU!
  2. Which do you prefer as a companion, male or female? male, i guess no shit!!
  3. Have you ever thought about S&M? BDSM? Would you ever try either? Yessums x3
  4. Would you ever dress up for sex? Yes, why yes I would.  I've always wondered what it feels like to wear a skirt
  5. Would you like to have children? Yes~
  6. Which do you prefer, words or actions? (Eg. Discussing your relationship or consummating it?) actions? Words can be confusing
  7. Do you think you’re the jealous type? How far would you go if your lover is threatened? I don't think I am; I'd KICK THEIR SORRY ASS!!!
  8. What kinds of secrets would you keep from your boyfriend/girlfriend?  Family secrets?  Er, secrets of my past relationships?
  9. How far would you go on a first date? Not far, good-bye kiss maybe?
  10. Do you have any feelings for anyone at this moment? Yes (>.>)
  11. How would you propose to the person you love? I'd come right out in the middle of where-ever-we-are witha ring and just ask them to marry me!  Unless they have a vision of how they want to be proposed, I'll do it however they wish!
  12. Describe your first crush. I was 10, she was cute, she was a bitch, said I didn't have "it". THE END!
  13. Are you currently seeing anyone? No (T-T)
  14. What kind of person are you looking for? (Bookworm type? Rebel type? Leader type? Lusty type?) A mix of every type? I know, a "Arayan's-Future-Love" type; like a friend!
  15. Do you believe in true love? Yes....

Ma....I guess that didn't really help, did it?  Oh whatever!  BUCHOU! YOUR TURN!

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